Success Stories

Larsen & Tourbo MFF, Hazira

Construction of offshore platform – over 25000 Tons of steel
60% H Beam fabrication
Critical Mouse Hole Cut profile involved
Previously 3.5 Hours needed to cut each beam
With RoboPlazma cutting time of each beam reduced to 15 mins.
As a result, L&T completed the fabrication two months ahead of the schedule

Jindal Stainless Steel Ltd., Jaipur

Shear cutting process was followed by JSL for cutting red hot steel plates.
This cutting process caused inefficiency, inaccuracy, wastage, production delays & added cost
As a solution, world’s first robotic unmanned self-intelligent red-hot steel cutting RoboPlazma system was installed Roboplazma cut the plate directly on the conveyor just once.
Clears 48 Meter Hot strip in 7 minutes. It allows next slab come out of furnace & go to rolling.
Thus, cutting became more accurate & more efficient with high productivity & cost saving
Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

This project involved 68% of structural steel cutting
RoboPlazma was utilized with full capacity for various 2D and 3D cutting application
Project completed in 7 months within it’s schedule
TCS Techno Park, Chennai

RoboPlazma was used for entire fabrication job of this project
Project completed successfully within the targetted period
Reliance Industries, Jamnagar

Reliance Industries wanted to increase refinery output by increasing the Spent catalyst Nozzle Opening
Spent catalyst Nozzle is elliptical on which each point is on different plane.
It was a challenge to cut it 40 meters above the ground 145 mm thick against gravity.
The as built dimensions were digitized with the Robot & then compared with CAD Drawing of spent catalyst nozzle.
Task was accomplished of accurately matching reactor cut out with spent catalyst nozzle