• World’s first & only plate & beam plazma cutting system.
  • Single System that offers 2D and 3D cutting capability.
  • Shop floor tested Innovative design having more than 12 patents.
  • Single RoboPlazma replaces Band Saw, Drilling, Coping, Notching
  • Slotting, Pipe & Tube Cutting, Marking & CNC Plate cutting.
  • Faster, smarter, and cost effective solution transforms plant throughout.
  • Vibration free Moving Cantilever design delivers precision & smooth motion.
  • Modular Hardware enables system expandability.
  • Just 3 click software powering a machine that grows with user.
  • Independent Measuring System give high accuracy.
  • Underside processing without additional Robot.
  • All side Square tube processing.
  • Large Plate Cutting 2.5 x 30 Mtr. with weld edge preparation.
  • Complex geometries like Mouse Hole being processed which are not achieved by competition.
  • Pipe Cutting: Only system in the world where the pipe is cut without rotation.
  • Pipe processing.
  • Welding.
  • Curved Beam/ Pipe processing.
  • Dish End.
  • 3D Assembly.
  • Capable of marking Lay Out, weld Lines & part Numbers without Tool change.
  • This is an intelligent fully robotically interfaced material handling system.
  • Down draft fume extraction table for plate cutting and Unique design of system enclosure takes care of Ibeam cutting fumes efficiently.

  • A cantilevered moving Robot able to reach all sides and areas of the job
  • This opens up opportunity for customers for underside processing Square Tubes, Pipes and complex geometries without investing for additional robot, chucks or pipe rotators.
  • Single machine solution to fabricate I Beams, Channels, Angles, Tubes, Pipes and also Large Plate processing.
  • Intelligent, cost-effective and flexible system gives you potential to meet multiple customer needs.
  • Produce high quality Bolt Holes, approved by AISC and CISC.
  • Bolt Hole sizes 2xThickness above 12 mm plate, No tool changing required.
  • Produces all Standard and Non-Standard Copes.
  • Produces Miter Cuts, Compound Miters and Double Compound Miters.
  • Pipe Straight cut and Straight bevel.
  • Produces Square Tube Slots for Knife connections.
  • Beam Splitting and Beam Castellation.
  • Produces lay-out on all sides.
  • Processing Standard copes.
  • Plasma Marking with all alpha numerical characters.
  • Pre-Measures the raw material prior to processing.
  • Probing of the raw material for mill tolerances and automatic adjustment.
  • Scalable to Plate and beam system as your business grows.
  • Flats size of 1000 mm width processed on Beam system for various 2D profile and shapes.
  • Material Handling System
  • Plasma Fume Filter

  • Cost effective modular configuration of RoboPlazma system. A Fanuc, Japan make Robot mounted on fixed cantilever arm, interfaced with Plazma power source.
  • This system is widely useful in Automobile industry for 3D component trimming and cutting, 2D and 3D jobs. No longer are trimming dies required for prototyping development.
  • Reads direct CAD input and cut the formed sheet metal component. Effectively eliminating long lead time to manufacture trimming dies and enabling finished products to be launched faster.
  • With a RoboPlazma work cell being used for production, any change of model or alteration, is just a question of programming; avoiding expensive retooling.
  • From fixed robot, the system can be scaled up to moving cantilever RoboPlazma configuration. As your business grows, the systems grow with you.

  • Embedded with a plasma torch design that performs precise metal cutting at red-hot temperatures
  • Mounted on an 8 axes robot
  • Governed by proprietary self-calibrating software that governs the operation, diagnostics and troubleshooting eliminating the complexities of controlling a cutting system
  • Engineered with a systems interface compatible with current steel production systems that facilitates the line integrations process and minimizes production disruption
  • World’s first robotic unmanned self-intelligent red-hot steel cutting plasma system
  • Interface compatibility with steel mill online systems reduces system integration time.
  • The system has built-in intelligence to compensate for plates’ shape fluctuations, eliminating inaccuracies in cutting.
  • The system software can command the robot to perform multiple subsequent uninterrupted cuts in material of different dimensions. Proprietary torch nozzle system allows precise cuts minimizing material yield loss.
  • Automation eliminates the need for direct operator interaction, no safety risks associated with the processing of red hot metal.

  • It is manufactured with highest quality standard components such as FANUC Robots, Plazma Power Supplies, GUDEL Precision Rails and is controlled with a user friendly RoboSwift Software interface that accepts DSTV files. All axes are Servo driven for precision and accuracy.
  • Large Plate Processing capability ( expandable up to 30 mtr Length)
  • Auto Nesting and cutting.
  • Automatic alignment of plate.
  • Stitch Cutting capability.
  • Single & Double Bevel.
  • Consumable life monitoring system with cutting interlock
  • Touch and Edge sensing thru Plazma torch.
  • Auto Torch Height Control thru AVC tracking.
  • Operator’s friendly “RoboSwift” Software.
  • Expandability of “Roboswift” to plug in with scheduling software.
  • Flexibility for new 3D job cutting.
  • Weld Edge Preparation
  • Beveling operation on different type of jobs can be carried out such as, Linear bevel on Plate, Circular contour beveling, Single / double bevel, ‘V’ Bevel with root with root, Flanges and web bevel of I Beam, Pipe, Beveling, 3D assemblies bevel.
  • First system manufactured worldwide, capable of processing all structural shapes; also scalable, can be upgraded to cut large steel plates i.e. 2.5 x 30 Mtr. (using additional gantries).
  • Combination of multiple processes on a plate with RoboPlazma™ eliminates repeated material handling and multiple machine setups, which leads to an increase of the entire plant throughput.
  • Roboswift software automatically calculate the optimum base position of the robot for complete nesting capability.
  • Estimated Work envelope with this configuration is 1.2 M x 30 M applicable for 2D/3D cutting, Single “V” with root beveling with larger work envelope for hole, slot, pipe, channel, Ibeam cutting.

  • RoboSwift™ is a software solution conceptualized, designed and developed by Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India to operate with RoboPlazma™. RoboSwift™ software along with RoboPlazma™ delivers a solution for robotic plasma metal cutting with minimal human intervention, controlling by itself the myriad components that work in the machine.
  • RoboSwift ™ works inside the controller to minimize the errors of the robot.
  • The operator needs zero robot programming knowledge.
  • Operated on a touch screen through simple and intuitive graphical user interface. It requires no robotic or other programming knowledge to operate.

  • Plazma has developed a X-Y Robot (CNC-Plazma) system for 2D nested cutting application.
  • System is designed like a Robot with separately located 4 axis Fanuc controller for high reliability and rigidity at highly competitive rates.
  • System comes in width of 4M, 6M and 8M; to cover entire range of plate sizes from plate width of 3M to 6M. Length can be increased by adding Y Axis modules up to any length required.
  • The system has been provided with auto torch height controller through arc voltage and touch sensing for piercing point.
  • Multiple gas stations are also provided as per customer requirements.

  • Plazma’s unique US Patented “PIETA” mechanized torch mounted on simple linear trolley
  • Used for linear & circular cutting up to 100 mm thickness.
  • Provides faster cutting speed, better cut quality and longer consumable life hence highly economical solution for all steel plates.
  • Four Wheel stable Trolley.
  • High Speed 2000 mm/min with dual Speed setting.
  • Long Slide Arm for horizontal torch movement.
  • Fine adjustment for vertical slide.
  • 2Mtr long MS rail.
  • Cutting accuracy +/- 1mm.
  • Bevel capability.

  • The US and worldwide patented Plazma torch technology combined with a rugged non-electronic power source presents the most reliable metal cutting tool.
  • Extremely compact from 1mm to 75mm thickness provide capacity, reliability, ruggedness, economics and job repeatability in continuous production.
  • Small size, light weight and easy to operate
  • Water Cooled Design
  • Stainless steel electrode housing
  • Concentric & self aligned consumables
  • Non metalic cover
  • Safety remote switch
  • CE-certified torch