Welcome to Parikh Steel

In 1942, a young man named A.V. Parikh made his way from Amreli, Gujarat to Bombay – a place he had heard could make your dreams come true. On a whim he decided that the “steel business” was for him. This was still early on in the days of the Indian steel industry. He spoke to a cousin, and together they decided to rent – no, not an office – a desk. Without enough capital for even an office, let alone staff, the two of them took turns sitting at that desk. While one sat there, the other went off to trade and make contacts. Business was a very different sort of game then! That desk is what has eventually grown into the company that in 1971, the late Shri A.V.Parikh named PARIKH STEEL.

Today PARIKH STEEL is a well established agency house with a hard earned reputation. We have been dealing in the import and export of steel, tubular products and oilfield equipment for over 50 years. Our goal? Simple. To become the most comprehensive supply house in India for all types of steel products.